Boxing Gloves Sleeve for Laces & Velcro | Prevents Injury | Protect Gloves | Keep Laces New


Boxing Gloves Sleeve for Laces/Velcro | Prevents Injury | Protect Gloves | Keep Laces New
Ideal for covering glove laces for training, sparring and competition. Helps protect athletes and opponents.

Key Features/Benefits;

- Size will last a long time.
- Durable, light duty, breathable for worry-free use.
- Protects your face and opponents from lace & velcro strap contact/injury/cuts
- Re-usable - no need to buy tape all the time (saving you in the long run)
- Machine washable

Used by amateur and professional boxing and MMA commissions worldwide.
wraps protects yourself and your opponent, avoiding cutting and injuring the face. It also avoid the use and purchase of tape, saving you time, money and keeps your gloves in good shape too!